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1. Concepts

1.1 Muri, Mura &Muda

1.2 Wastes (7+1)

Move to pick up material, process information,or to perform assemblies.Motion

Wait for components , machine’s cycle time or information.LEAN WAIT
Movement of components within the facility or between facilities.lean_op_transport
All inventory, including Work in Process.lean_op_stock
Everything related to the production of defects, scrap and defects rework.lean_op_defects
Performing tasks that are not value for the customer but necessary for the actual process and its current limitations. Example: packing and unpacking, protection for painting processes. All losses associated with equipment.lean_op_process
Produce more than demand or prior to need.lean_op_overproduction
For many authors the worst of all Mudas, the waste of unused mental capacity of the employees.lean_op_brainpower

2. Workstation

2.1 Analysis Tools

Shows the cycle time of workstations of a set of operations.lean_op_yamazumi_en
Diagram representing the motion waste of one or more operators.lean_op_spaghetti_chart

2.2 Implementation Tools

Processes arranged in a cell to produce a family of products in a flexible way.

Structures to supply components for workstations ergonomically.lean_op_cell

3. Supply

3.1 Analysis Tools

Value chain visualization system.lean_op_vsd_en
Mapping the value chain of the entire flow of materials and information.lean_op_mpp_en
Diagram representing the materials transport waste at the factory.lean_op_factory_spaghetti_chart

3.2 Implementation Tools

Logistic Train to distribute components in the factory.lean_op_mizusumashi
Requesting material system by placing a signal at a certain point of the stock to control the flow of materials.lean_op_kanban
Supply of components of a single kind according to the production planning.lean_op_junjo_en
Supply of different types of components according to the production planning in Kits.lean_op_junjo_kit_en

4. Supermarket

4.1 Implementation Tools

Structure to store components for the border of the line on an ergonomically way to transport.lean_op_supermarket

Supermarket of components and finished product.

5. External Logistics

5.1 External Logistics

Dispatch process or the transport of components, between factories that share the same production system.

6. Planning

6.1 Concepts

Along the supply chain, between the sale and the supplier, the batch size is amplified.lean_op_market_amp_en
There are three levels of planning.lean_op_planning_en

6.2 Strategic Planning

Production according to client orders.

Production according to stock requests.

Combines MTO and MTS on the production planning.

6.3 Capacity Planning

Planning according to the capacity of each sector.

Visual system that represents the production for a certain period of time.lean_op_logistic_box_en

6.4 Sequence Planning

Planning of the production sequence.

Levels the production load to ensure a continuous flow of production and materials.lean_op_market_enlean_op_heijunka_en

The time interval until the process of a new batch.

Visual system to group components and absorb long setup’s.lean_op_kanban_board_en